Should You Use Social Media?


When it comes to branding, social media has become almost synonymous; Whether it’s corporate business or a flower shop round the corner.

Artists should be especially accepting to it, right? With the ever-growing number of artists out there, you’re always going to want for ways to showcase to as many people as you want. For example: amazing artists like Melissa Ng (creator of Lumecluster) I wouldn’t have found if I hadn’t read about her in Bored Panda (and not Youtube suggestions, surprisingly).

Now, as arbitrary as that sounds (because let’s face it, BP wouldn’t be in your radar, especially if you’re just starting out) – the actual question is, do you want to use social media?

Now you’re an art veteran, and a bit of a professional you can get by with LinkedIn for that essential networking – if you’re not into social media, and prefer face-to-face networking in exhibitions and art events. Or, you’ve seen the likes of Pascal Campion, Cassandra Calin (C Cassandra) or Sarah Andersen (Sarah’s Scribbles) – who are overwhelmingly¬†popular – and if that’s not inspiring, what is?
And let’s be realistic, you’re not thinking about your locality only. Imagine that Japanese artist you absolutely revere. The artists I stalk are from halfway around the world, whom I wouldn’t have otherwise known if not for SNS. (And so on, there could be an essay on the pros and all.)

However, there’s always the question of social media governing the way art is produced; some say that the intangible effects of publicizing your work in the boundary of the 2D frame, well, limits the boundary you‘d go for your art. Or maybe it influences to create art pieces that are better looking in digital media. There’s always that question of censorship, particularly in Facebook, and Instagram (the latter being atrociously strict); I remember reading an L.A times article on that one – a reason for a lot of artists either refuting or eschewing the use of the media to make statements of a sort.

I know this was a pretty long read. A more in-depth look into different media we’re going to save for later, however I found an interesting article about Mark McGuinness on different platforms, with opinions of users Here. Do have a read!

Also, found one where Tradigital artist Jeff Mueller shares his own experience on using social media in this link.

That’s all! See you with a next article.