Branding: A General Overview


    The brand is no longer defined as a business-specific term as a result of the individualistic nature of society. The times of working for collectivist interest have passed and now each of us is looking to impress and prove that we are better then other professionals in the field.

    What is personal branding?

    From sensational and pestered example of American elections it becomes evident how one person have managed to get such a tremendous amount of publicity. The secret behind this lies not in the skills or abilities but rather a way used to present them.

    In the creative field, George Ergatoudis, the head of content programming at Spotify, joined the company after a decade of work for the radio. This highlights one of the key particularities of the creative industry branding – adaptability.

    This is a basic idea behind self-brand. However, despite the misconception that presenting yourself must be much easier then coordinating assents and communications of a large corporation, it must be respected that often we are not aware of our own strengths and how we can use them to our advantage.

    Why is it effective?

    The main idea is communication of these desirable ideas that can form the image, which means that perception by others can be altered and designed through the transmitted message. It is the manner of communications and how well constructed they are that create a brand, not the amount of money put into it.

    First steps to self-branding

    Hence, the quality here wins over quantity. In order to start forming the image, it is first essential to perform self-analysis and establish Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This has to be done in order to establish how to use strong points to undertake opportunities and eliminate threats. Moreover, being aware of the weak points also acts as a starting point not only to overcome them but also to further adapt communications in a way that either compensates for these points or draws attention to strengths.

    This analysis will further assist creation of a personal strategy, which will be discussed in the following articles.