Creating reputation online


First impressions do count

When establishing your self-brand, always remember, this is a representation of yourself and your abilities; therefore, try to create a consistent and favourable image for your audience. Moreover, your target audience (see the article ‘Your Art and Audience’) most probably includes people who you have never met before, hence, it is not just the first impression, but also the only opportunity for you to showcase your abilities. Your reputation based on the content you put online will stick, so do keep in mind that first impressions count.


Find yourself and stand out

In creative industries there are no limits, which could act as a professional motivator, however, this puts you in front of never-ending options. The choice is limitless: an infinite amount of fonts, colours and visual elements intimidate and pose a question: Which one is the best?

In contrast with the business environment and other conventional office jobs where the employers have standards regarding CVs, creativity does grant a privilege to fully express yourself.

This is the answer: personalise your brand and make it your brand: a brand with a personality that can best reflect you as a person. There are two main considerations regarding the colour scheme and visual context:

  • Make sure it matches your previous work that you showcase
  • Ensure it reflects your vision for the near future development

This way you will be able to create a gradual transition that demonstrates your professional growth.


 ‘Clean’ reputation

It is highly possible that in the case of interest towards you and your brand, your audience might search for you on other social platforms. This does seem positive as if nothing could go wrong.

Actually, it could as the search could reveal undesirable facts about you. In order to avoid this, do your own check and make sure that there are no negative posts that could damage your reputation.

As we all know,

‘‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it’’

– Warren Buffett